Season Freezin Reasons

Lose Weight
Lose Weight
Get Iced
Get Iced

Summer Months:

Its Hot outside.

We need to lose weight. 500 to 900 calories per session. In less than 3 minutes.  Right here in Parker County.

Working Out. We need to reduce swelling. Cryo reduces inflammation in joints and muscles.  Knees, Hips, Shoulders, Neck, Ankles, Back Pain.  No More.

Chronic Pain. So, We need to attack the arthritis and nerves and develop a Pain Management Regiment.

Sweating more. So, lets work on clearing up your skin. Rejuvenating skin and psyche.  Hudson Oaks Healing.

Cooler Months:

Its cold outside.

You think its cold outside. Wait til you get in the cryo. You wont think it is cold outside anymore.  You can handle easily.

No working out. As you move around less, you need something to crop those pounds away. Start a Weight Loss Program right here in Weatherford.  Right down the street.

Muscle loss. Your joints are telling you something. Reduce the inflammation so they can do their job. Reduce weight, attack swelling, feel better.

Dry Skin. Lets attack that dry skin with cryo and give you the clear complexion you deserve.