Cryo Customer Comments

“I have been going a few times, now I am down one Pain Pill.  That’s big For Me.” M.E.

“Obviously the best place in Weatherford for pain management and sore muscles.” L.B.

“My Lupus pain is reduced tremendously.” B.C.

“I go there for Weight Loss, the best in Parker County and Weatherford for sure.  500 to 800 Calories a session” J.L.

“The first session was OK, but after the 3rd one in a week, I felt better than I have in 20 years.” P.V.

“I have been in pain because of the cancer medication i take, since i have been coming to Cryo it has taken most of the pain away so much that at 73 years old, i felt like doing house work.” S.C.

“Whether it was my neck pain, or my shoulder pain, the cryo took care of it.  Now 76008, 76087, 76086 have the same modern pain management techniques as the big city folks.”  M.M.

“I have been reading on the internet about Cryotherapy.  It is actually healthy for you.  No more pills to mess up my liver, kidneys and stomach. At 87 years old,  Finally Pain Management I can Live with.” D. J.

“I went there right after my surgery to keep the inflammation down like my doctor wanted.  He heard we had a Cryotherapy place in Hudson Oaks and suggested I go.  He said my recovery was one of the fastest for this surgery has seen.  Now I already back to work.”  L.W.

“Heck, I didnt go there to lose weight. That was just an added benefit.  Instead of Cryo Ice House it should be called Weatherford Weight Loss House. Plus I slept like a baby.”  G. M.

“I took a couple of hard hits in the football game the other night.  It is good to know that I can come to Cryo and be ready to go for the next game 100 percent.  I telll everyone about it.  I sold.”  L. B.

“I workout everyday.  I do a 16 round boxing workout and then run after that. Then I drive quickly to Cryo to take out the pain of Recovery.” K.L.

 “Wow.  My arthritis pain is almost nothing now. This is what I have been looking for. I feel 20 years younger.”  P. V.

“Skin rejuvenation is one of the reasons I go.  It helps my skin look younger and reduces any blemishes. Weight Loss, skin conditions, Now Weatherford and Parker County and Hudson Oaks are up with the times”  D. J.

“I read on that CryoTherapy is used to treat some cancers. Might as well give it a try just in case.”  G.M.