Ice Bath is Now Cryobath

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In Years gone by the best remedy for pain and inflammation for athletes and active people was taking pain pills or applying creams or sitting in an ice bath for 20 to 30 minutes with an hour of recovery before blood starts to flow again.

Now, we might do that if our coach tells us to after the big game,  but as we get older we dont have that coach to make us get in that Big Tub of ICE which stings our skin until we go numb.

Not Any More!


Enter the 21st Century Ice Bath.  3 minutes of your time.  No Sting, No numbing sensation but the same great Benefits of the ice bath.

Now,–Athletes, grandma, grandpa and active people of all ages can enjoy the best remedy for inflammation and recover quickly and never have to take pills again for pain.  CRYOTHERAPY is where you get all the Benefits of pain relief without causing damage to your liver, kidneys or stomach.

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